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Audition 101
tips to help you prepare for the audition

1. Do some research.
Go into the audition knowing what you want to audition for. Look up the play's or musical's synopsis, listen to the album, learn about the characters.

2. Choose your song.
Avoid songs that are overused. This includes songs from Les Miserables, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and The Sound of Music. The directors have heard these songs a hundred times. Avoid songs from the musical for which you are auditioning. Pick songs that mesh well with the show for which you are auditioning. Pick songs within your vocal range that will best demonstrate what you can do.

3. Choose your outfit.
Always, always, always, wear something comfortable. You may be asked to dance, so avoid flip flops and heels. Keep your hair out of your face. Your outfit will help the director in their first impression of you, so if you look unprepared, the director will assume that you are.

4. Be confident.
Confidence can be the deciding factor in an audition. Don't appear cocky, but show that you are comfortable with anything that might be thrown at you.

5. Break a leg!
Once you're out on that stage, anything could happen. Just roll with the punches, and don't stress. After all, theatre is meant to be a fun outlet. Enjoy your audition.

Helpful Links
websites to help with your audition

This site is particularly useful in picking out audition songs with various criteria.

These site contain the licenses for many plays and musicals and usually give a detailed synopsis/audio samples of each one.

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