GECA Participants


People who have participated in GECA

Name                              City of Origin                     Age (C,Y,A,SA)       Ethnicity

2000       The Sound of Music                                                       

Phil Johnson

Sherrie Hursh

Jerry Stahly

Jerry Janes

Patty Castleberry

Ellen Johnson

Leonard Hursh

Katrina Presnall

Carol Hochstetler

Ruth Weber

Sharon Poulsen

Wanetta McGinty

Tom McGinty

Mary Beachy

Ellis Beachy

Mike Glavan

Megan Adams                   Atmore Y

Jeremy Troyer                   Atmore                Y

Elizabeth Glavan               Atmore Y

Courtney Hursh                                Atmore C

Pierce Robinson                               Atmore                C

Caitlyn Luttrell                   Atmore                C

Anne Glavan

Anne Hetzel

Jerry Gehman

Martha Troyer

Judi Stahly

Judy Huber

Keith Castleberry

Lynette Schrock

Pam Dees

Rhonda Yoder

Courtney Yoder

Rosanna Hursh

Shea Johnson

Dale Huber


2001       The Odd Couple                                                               




2002       The Fantasticks                                                                




2003       You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (OC)                                               


                Fiddler on the Roof                                         


                A Christmas Story                                           


2004       Winnie the Pooh                                                              


                A Look Back: The first 4 Years of GECA                                   




                Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus                                         

Chris Poulsen             Milton, Fl.        A                                  


2005       I Do, I Do             

Phil Johnson                   Atmore            A               White/Nat. Amer.

Laura Davis                    Atmore            A                White

Tom McGinty                Walnut Hill, FL  SA             White

Wanetta McGinty        Walnut Hill, FL   SA             White

Shea Johnson                 Atmore             A               White

Jerry Janes                      Atmore            A               White

Sharon Poulsen              Walnut Hill, FL A               White


                All I Needed to Know, I Learned In Kindergarten                                               

Sharon Poulsen                Walnut Hill FL                 A             White

Pam Dees                          Atmore                          A             White

Dayton Long                      Atmore                          A             White

Lucretia Lamb                   Atmore                           A             White

Tom McGinty                  Walnut Hill FL                  SA           White

Wanetta McGinty           Walnut Hill FL                  SA           White




                Little Women                                                                    


2006       Godspell                                                                             


                Hello Dolly                                          


                You Can't Take it with You (Red Cast)     


                You Can't Take it with You (Blue Cast)    


                Miracle on 34th Street                                   


2007       The Music Man                                                                                



Angelique Owens            Freemanville AL       A             White

Sharon Poulsen                Walnut Hill FL          A             White

Phil Johnson                     Atmore                     A             White/Nat. Amer.

Ellen Johnson                   Atmore                     Y             White

Samantha Zundel             Atmore                     A             White

Troy Pierce                         ?                             A             White

Johnathan Owens           Freemanville AL        A             White

Norm Boyd                       Atmore                    SA            White

Pam Dees                         Atmore                     A             White

Mike McMorris                 Atmore                     A             White


2008       Into the Woods                                                                


                Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat                                            


                Steel Magnolias                                               


2009       You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Youth Cast 

EllenJohnson,Atmore, AL,Y

Stephen Billy,Brewton, AL,Y

Joseph Billy,Brewton, AL,Y

Kate Sherrill,Walnut Hill, FL,Y

Miranda Andrews,Brewton, AL, Y

Anna Grace Janes,Atmore, AL,C

Allen Rigby,Brewton, AL,Y

Perry Jones,Atmore, AL,Y


                You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Adult Cast                                  


                Beauty and the Beast      

Ellen Johnson,                   Atmore                Y

Allen Rigby,                       Brewton, AL,       Y

John Mathieu,                   Brewton, AL,        Y

Norman Boyd,                   Atmore, AL,        SA

Haley Pearson,                  Walnut Hill, FL,   A

Stephen Billy,                    Brewton, AL,        Y

Perry Jones,                       Atmore, AL,         Y

David Weber,                    Atmore, AL,         C

Kris Wood                          Uriah AL             A             White

Miranda Andrews,             Brewton, AL,      Y

Emily Moore,                     Atmore, AL,        Y

Dana Hursh,                      Atmore, AL,        Y

Sherrie Hursh,                   Atmore, AL,        A

Anna Donald,                    Walnut Hill FL    Y

Leonard Hursh,                  Atmore, AL,        A

Kate Sherrill,                      Walnut Hill, FL,  Y

Timothy Huber,                  Atmore, AL,        A

Patti Castleberry,               Atmore, AL,        A

Jerry Janes,                        Atmore, AL,        A

Greg Wood                        Uriah AL              A             White

Tanya Luker

Daniel Johnson,                Atmore, AL,        Y

Grant Defrancisco,            Brewton, AL,      Y

Amy Branch,                      Atmore, AL,        C

Mary Beachy,                    Nokomis, AL,      A

Sharon Poulsen,                 Atmore, AL,        A

Katelyn Wood                    Uriah AL              C             White

Kennedy Coleman

Anne Sherrill,                     Walnut Hill, FL,  A

Crystal Boutwell,               Brewton, AL,      Y

Mary Beth Lancaster         Atmore               A             White

Mary T. Lancaster              Atmore               C             White

Bailey Lancaster                Atmore               C             White

Meg Sherrill,                      Walnut Hill, FL,   Y

Nick Wood                          Uriah AL              C             White

Carmen Sasser

Solomon Wood                   Uriah AL              C             White

Julia Wood                          Uriah AL              C             White

Skyler Hursh,                      Atmore, AL,         C

Jace Weber,                       Atmore, AL,         C

Meredith Luker

Brandon Beachy                 Nokomis, AL,      C

Courtney Hursh,                 Atmore, AL,         C

Hannah Mascaro,              Walnut Hill, FL,    C

Daniel Mascaro,                Walnut Hill, FL,    C

Kelsey Baker,                                                  C

Anna Grace Janes,             Atmore, AL,          C

Kia Zundel

Gabriel Bennett                  Atmore, AL,         C

Brooklyn Hursh,                  Atmore, AL,         C

Ellis Beachy,                       Nokomis, AL,      A

Judy Huber,                         Atmore, AL,        A

Conrad Weber,                    Atmore, AL,        A

Tommy Standefer,               Brewton, AL,      A

Mallory Dunsford,               Atmore, AL,        Y

Christopher Huber,              Atmore, AL,        Y


                The Rainmaker                                 


2010       Twelve Angry Jurors                                      


                Arsenic and Old Lace   

Patty Castleberry Atmore A White

Sharon Poulsen  

Phil Johnson

Nathan Lindsey    Brewton  A   White

Dusty Mason     Bratt FL     A      White

Charity Moore   Bratt FL    Y       White

Mike McMorris Atmore    A       White

Eric Vandervort Gulf Breeze FL A White

Tom Jeter            Atmore    A     White

Pam Dees            Atmore     A     White

Jerry Janes          Atmore     A    White

Tony Benauer    Century FL  A  White

Tommy Standefer   Brewton     A     White

Dan Johnson      Atmore      Y      White

Norm Boyd         Atmore      SA   White

                It’s a Wonderful Life


2011       Wizard of Wonderland


                Simply Divided


                Peace in the Valley


                My Fair Lady


                A Cab Fare to Remember


2012       Alexander and the Terrible . . .


                Man of LaMancha

Andrew Willis  Mobile, AL      A        White

Ben Jacobs     Mobile, AL      A        White

Soren Odom    Mobile, AL      A        White


                To Kill A Mockingbird



                 Cheaper by the Dozen, Red Cast


Daniel Hubbard

Sharon Poulson

Anna Grace Glaize

Lauren Metzler

Jacinda Stahly

Dan Johnson

Perry Metzler

Jasmina Stahly

Jadon Torres

Ana McGhee

Anna Adams

Franki Daw

Payton Daw

Bama Coburn

Aundrea Garrison

Tom Jeter

Nathan Jurjevich

To be announced

Christian Carlson

Sebastian Helms

Micah Mast

Delan Grant

Layden Grant

Grace Terry

Elizabeth Terry

Brandon Beachy

Mary Grace Franklin

Elizabeth Garrett

Amy Branch

Maddy Locke

                  Cheaper by the Dozen, Blue Cast

Daniel Hubbard

Sherrie Hursh

Anna Donald

Dana Hursh

Courtney Hursh

Timothy Huber

Gavin Grant

Maddi Webber

Gabriel Bennett

Skylar Hursh

Savannah Doremus

Amanda Miller

Leah Miller

Brooklyn Hursh

Aundrea Garrison

Tom Jeter

Dakota Goins

To be announced

Vincent Bennett

Sebastian Helms

Nicholas Bennett

Micah Mast

Delan Grant

Layden Grant

Grace Terry

Elizabeth Terry

Brandon Beachy

Mary Grace Franklin

Elizabeth Garrett

Amy Branch

Maddy Locke

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